Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gas prices .. New way to go.

I could not resist taking this picture at the gas station. (I did ask the Amish man before I took his picture) The horse was proud and posed for me. I think this is a new way to go.. The OATS MOBLE .. .. runs on oats .. then when that is gone the gas takes over..

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas

Have a very Merry Christmas from my house to yours.
This is my living room where I set and watch tv. My kitchen over looks this room. I am wishing you all the happiest of time with your families.
Fall Girls Ride at My House
We Need a little Help to get started.
The river ride Is so fun for the riders and the Horses. Some times the horses even play and splash us. This year it was too cold for a swim.
Kathy brought Penny over and gave us a long ride. Much easer for some of us who don't ride any more. Nice warm blankets and drinks to warm us up.
We had a blast playing with the photo booth. We look like movie stars.
This year we camped in the house. We watched movies and chilled out. I should say thawed out. It was a cold and windy day.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sylvan Springs Tour .. Healing Spa .. RomeCity, Indiana

This is the tunnel that goes under the parking lot. Leading to an under ground spring..whooooo. It is called the sour kraut tunnel because the nuns found it perfect to store the barrels.

Who knew this treasure was so close to home.

We have all heard stories about what has gone on here throughout the years. The healing springs of fresh water has been a refuge for the ailing since the early 1800. Train stations stops were add to deal with those who came here to stay for extended stays. Nuns ran the operation. They worked the fields. Grew beautiful gardens, orchards and raised their own chickens, cattle and pigs. It contains a floral room, sewing room, up to date kitchen with huge equipment, laundry, ball room, dinning rooms and more. They were able to feed 700 people at one setting for meals. All the rooms have queen size beds and a private bath room. 50 rooms are decorated in different themes. Bunk rooms with shower rooms.

The doctor also had his own house on the grounds.

The Chapel is beautiful and massive.
Then it was sold to the WAY people. I am not even going to try to explain the WAY. It was like a commune. (sp?) The families that live here took good care of the grounds. They were required to spend 2 hours a day caring for the grounds and buildings.
It was College.
On the grounds are 2 or 3 soccer fields. It was used as a camp for sporting events.
Now someone from Ohio owns it. They have put 3 million dollars of their own money into it and can no longer keep it up. So,,,,, it is for Sale... any one interested.. If so please buy it. The history and beauty will go to waste. Also if you want a tour think fast because if is has to be broken up in sections it will never be the same. I think Martha Stewart would love this place. If you know Martha would you please pass this on to her....
If you are in the area stop and try the healing water.

Copy and past the following you tube address to get more information.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Girls Pajama Party 2010

Sorry Drost.. We thought your deer need a bra.. or two.

This was our 5 th year!!!
WOW that is so great to think that we have all gotten together for 5 years in a row! We laugh, carry on like teen agers and except each other for who we are. Most of us stay up all night. It is dangerous to be the first to fall asleep or leave you phone unattended . This year Paula was the only one who went to bed. Someone drew her eye brows with a permanent magic marker. She was a trooper and shopped with big dark eye brows. We always have fun. We go over the calendar and plan the year of when, what and where. Play games, eat and yes have drinks. All of us have pj. alike. . This pj party is at Rhonda's house. She lives near Shipshewana, Indiana.
Shipshewana has a pj shopping week end. Everyone who wants a discount shops in there pj.s. The town is filled with shoppers dressed in all sorts of pj.s Shopping starts at 6 am or EARLIER.
Everyone brings snacks and drinks to share. We start arriving at Rhonda's around 7pm. . I was ready at 5. I had my margarita machine packed and ready to go. I like to try new recipes. I found this recipe from one of my favorite blogs. Our Best Bites.
Hope you will try it and let me know what you think.
Cheesy Roasted Red Pepper Dip

In the pictures you will see all the ingredients. I used a large glass pie dish. You use chips or crackers to dip into it or spread it on toasted bread.. We really just want to eat if off our spoons. I found this on one of my favorite blogs. Our Best Bites. .

7 oz jar roasted red peppers ( i drained them. Then let them set on a paper towel to dry them. Then diced them
8 oz soften cream cheese
4 cups cheese. I used a Mexican 4 cheese style
3/4 cup mayonnaise
2 Tablespoons minced onion
4 cloves minced garlic
1 Tablespoon of spicy mustard

Heat oven at 350 ..
In a bowl stir together cream cheese, mayonnaise, onion, garlic and mustard. Then add shredded cheese and roasted red peppers. Stir.
Store in frig until ready to bake. This can be made ahead of time and stored in frig.
Bake in oven for 30-45 min. I baked mine until it was brown on top and slightly brown and pulling way from the side of the dish. I would say I baked it for 45 min.
Serve warm. Enjoy.... we did ..

We look pretty good for staying up all night. Breakfast at the Blue Gate. It was very COLD and windy that morning.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The farm... or zoo????

They visit me daily. They waddle in a row to set under the tree just out side the window where our computer sets.


Flower Deer

Cute little pig butts...

Betsie the Bunny

Will  .. he was our guest for Thanksgiving..

Monday, December 21, 2009

Struck Gold from Alaska for Christmas

Can you find Little Stella's Key?? Look at it all.. stickers, cards, papers, ribbons and flattened souvenir pennys from Alaska

I received the cutes gifts from my swap partner.. The back was even a cabinet card.. The little girl has a story. My swap partner was Deb from Alaska. She lives on an island. Love her blog check her out.. She put sooooo much thought and creativeness into my gifts.. I love it all.. I participated in a swap.. It was fun.. but a little frustrating.. I found it hard to take an old picture that I wanted to color and paste on, for ever to be lost. I ask for help from my friend who deals in antiques.. Jill... she is also an artist.. Among her specialties are antique frames and cabinet cards. Thank you Jill for your help.. You can check out Jill at etsy store as outsiderartsupply or ebay store jabberjill.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Surprise party for Mom

Mom and I visited Uncle Johnnie and Aunt Vicky. They live in Ohio. It was fun going on a trip with mom we stayed for a long week end. They pulled off a great surprise for her.. It was moms 81 st birthday.. They had a cake with candles and we sang happy birthday to her. Johnie took us both on a ride in his Vet that he redone himself. I even got to drive it. We visited his 2 sons homes. After supper we played cards. I laughed till my sides hurt. Uncle Johnie had a toy farting machine under the table. Not everyone playing cards knew it was a noise maker. Those of us who knew got in on the act of Uncle Johnnies practical joke. Some times we would even pull his finger to make him fart. Every time he farted he would apologise and make a face. It went on for hours... The cards and farting.. We visited Jungle Jim's International Market.. wow .. what a place. it really was like a two hour vacation. If Jungle Jim's does not have it.. no one will. There are 22 shops in the store. Cooking classes, post office, florist shop, bakery, wine, they make there own Candy, bread, hardware, fish market, rides, garden items pharmacy, eye doctor, and food from all over the world.
It took a long time for my mom to give in and go on this little trip with me. I hope you will try to get away with your mom. I know how lucky I am to have the memories. August 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Air Plane Barn

This is the farm at the home place. My father-in-law flies a plane. He and my mother-in-law have been long time members of the 'Flying Farmers' of Indiana. IFF.. International Flying Farmers

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jenny comes home from Germany

Jenny and her sis Astrid came for a very short visit back in June .. It was so nice to have Jenny home again. Jenny came to live with us as an exchange student for the school year 4 years ago. They are beautiful. 2 years ago Jenny and Andy came to stay with us for 4 weeks. This time she brought her sis.. (Jenny is setting on swing - Astrid is standing.... the swing is in our yard. )
All of Jenny's family are in the fashion industry. Jenny travels all over to purchase items. For instance she goes to Italy to buy shoes and purses. The family use to own this business but recently sold it. Check it out. He grandfather and father have passed down the talent to Jenny and Astrid. While they were in the states they visited New York and Chicago. Jenny always had the greatest clothes. If you have ever considered having an exchange student Please look into it. I have loved all my kids. We have learned just as much from them as they have from us. Kids from all over the world are waiting to experience your way of life.
Jenny and I in our house.

Jenny and I at the air port.
While we were setting out in the yard the Amish Church wagon was on the road. The Amish have church at each other houses. Every 2 weeks the wagons are pulled to the next house for Sunday Church. They have lots church benches and other supplies in them. It was a beautiful windy day and and the sound of the horses clippy-clopping added to it. My Jenny was home ......

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ducks Salute the flag!!

Every evening the ducks and geese come through the yard to salute the flag.. Funny the one looks like he is leading the others.

This is the bunch of fowl we received in the mail a few months back.. You can check this blog to see them in the box.. They were small then and not a noisy.

Monday, May 25, 2009


We are finally GRAND PARENTS!!! yeah... My Beautiful Grand Daughter.. what a sweet heart..
Her name is Macie May.. what a fun name..
Now for the funny story... The day Macie May came into our lives..
Macie May was over due. Poor mom.. it is miserable to be over due.. I have the best daughter in law.. she held up like a trooper.. she felt good looked good and had a wonderful attitude. She went into the hospital to be induced on Thursday.. That same day I went in to have knee surgery.. in a different hospital.. Thursday night no baby.. Labor went on and on.. no baby Friday..
.. Friday night ..My girl friend came over to set with me and take care of me.. she is a wonderful friend and we have loads of laughs together. Our husbands are busy working in the fields. Planting and harvesting times Cindy and I go to the movies a lot. Not this time we stayed home and watched videos. ('The Curious Case of Benjamin Button') That day Cindy had 2 ingrown toe nails cut out on her left foot.. As she was leaving work to go get that done she fell and broke her little toe on her right foot.. poor thing.. so we stayed home.. her with her toes.. me with my knee.. I was in a lot of pain.. worrying about how things were going with the baby.. finally at 11:15 pm.. I said "Cindy I am worried." Then I got the call that Tanner thinks I should come to the hospital.. an emergency c-section is needed. Cindy and I both had emergency c-sections. We were glad that they were not going to make her go through labor any longer. We figured she was very tired. Kenny and Cindy load me up in the car.. Cindy drove very carefully.. I hurt at every bump in the road.. but Cindy and I laughed any way.. her toes my knee..

Cindy stole a wheel chair from the emergency room.. when she went to park the car I wheeled my self into the hospital. She couldn't find me.. I was so excited I forgot she wasn't behind me.. When she found me she said she was going to push me to the mental ward.. We were laughing so hard .. as we got on the elevator everyone was laughing with us. She did take me to the maternity ward any way..

They had just taken her into surgery as we got there. After surgery the nurse came out and told us every thing went fabulously .. the mom and baby were doing great. Hospital policy says we have to wait for 1 hour after they return to the room to see them. I decided I would come back with Kenny the next day to meet our granddaughter together.. It was late .. they needed the rest .. Cindy still had to drive home after taking me back home.. I was in pain.. so we left . .. we rode down the elevator with the pediatrician who delivered Macie May. She told us she was very spunky healthy baby and every thing was great. .

It was around 1:30 when we got home. Kenny was asleep when we got home. I managed to get back into the house pretty good. Cindy was making up my bed on the couch.. I don't know what I did but... i was walking to the couch with the walker.. I lost my balance .. I began to topple over. I felt like it all happened in slow motion. I fell over back wards still holding onto the walker... holding my foot up in the air .. protecting my foot from hitting the floor. I landed hard on my butt.. holding my foot in the air and the walker strait above my chest.. I think I cracked a rib or my butt.. not sure what.. I wanted to cry but laughed .. I will never forget the look on Cindy's face. She had both hands on her face and said.."I am a terrible nurse. I can not believe I let this happen to you. How are we going to get you UP!!" Kenny heard the crash and came running in.. just out of a deep sleep.. He grabbed me right up off the floor. Poor Cindy she felt so bad.. But .. we gotta laugh.. It was like a Lucy and Ethel moment..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Camping 2009 The fun and the pain

First camping trip of 2009.. It was a beautiful week end... will until it rained. Short sleeves on Saturday. We even got a little tan. The food was good.. We decided to go at the last minute. My camper was empty. I made what I could with what I had. I made spaghetti. Our friends made fun of me. "You don't make the usual camping food." When I was a girl scout we always made some kind of pasta... The spot where we went camping is in Michigan,' The Bluffs'. It is for horse camping the trails are nice. It is owned by a elderly couple. They love every tree on the six hundred acre woods. We are not sure what will happen when they are gone. They have an old telephone booth, stop signs, cute signs, fishing holes and cabins along the trails. The water tank for the horses is a blue bath tub.

Of course we took our dogs. They love to camp. On camping trips they get to eat what we eat. MMMM they say camp food. This is Scooter hunting for something in the wood pile.
This is Rhonda and Brian's German Shepard. The dogs love to run after each other. I didn't get a picture of Kip.

Kenny setting up the generator. Buckston and Chase having lunch.
It was the first time I had rode for months. Saturday was so much fun because it was warm. The ride was good. We could see along ways in the woods because the trees are not filled out yet. We scared up a few dear. The water in the stream was running fast and high.
Saturday was fun .. Sunday was disappointing.. It was cold .. I hate cold. We packed up every thing after a wonderful breakfast. Kenny was kind enough to saddle Chase for me every day. Sunday my knee hurt from riding the day before. Soooo.. when I went to mount up that morning.... i had my left foot in the stirrup. swung my right leg up over the saddle... . didn't make it .. weak knees... fat butt... I went to bounce back down on the ground with my right leg..( I don't bounce like I use to) my knee went pop.. IT WAS LOUD.. I said Kenny did you hear that .. that was my leg. With Kenny and Jed's help I finally got on. We rode for a while I was ready to go back before we even started.. I really did not want to tell Kenny that after going to all the trouble to get me going.. It stated to rain after we got on the trail.. I final
said I wanted to go back.. Luckily Kenny was ready tooo... By the next day I could hardly walk. I went to the doctor.. Had e-rays and mri... Surgery on Thursday..... I torn my meniscus on both sides, torn acl, cyst on the back of my knee, and pieces floating around. He also smoothed out the underside of my knee cap.. .. So I have not felt like doing any walking or even setting up for too long.. I hope to catch up with all my blog friend next week..