Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Swap for all seasons... from Linda

Swap for all seasons.!!! Wow I got the cutest items from Linda... http://www.wiredlinda.com/I can not believe it..I came home from vacation to this thoughtful, creative swap gift. This lovely little dress which is tea stained and has patch on it that says 'live, love, laugh'. It matches every thing in my house. The hand made wooden hanger is fun too. A cross to hang on my wall. A bag of Easter Candie. Wow .. I feel bad that I was not as creative as my swap partner. My mom has been sick in the hospital and we left on vacation the day the swap was to be mailed.. It was hard to shop for someone without knowing them. I mailed her a cute doll Patten and a home made flower. I haven't heard from her.. I hope she got it.. The idea of a swap is fun..The rules were simple... Not sure I will do one again because it was HARD to pick something out with out know the partner. . I am so picky about gifts that I give.. I usually shop and shop until the right thing hits me in the face. Thank you Linda!!!!! I love it all..