Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cally and Scooter say "I think it is FINALLY warm enough to put things dumb plaid shirts away...'

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fowl... Chickens, Ducks and Turkeys..

My daughter and her boy friend have a new project. Its a FOWL job but someone has to do it.. They ordered birds and they have arrived finally. Believe it or not there are 55 some chicks in that box. They arrived in the mail. They have been eagerly waiting for weeks on there new little bunch chicks. The warming lamps are keeping them warm in the new chick coop they made in the barn.. The nesting has begun. Just out side the window where I am setting here at the computer is a pair of doves making a nest in the tree. I know they mate for life. I think the male and female are constructing the nest together. Back and forth they fly with little pieces of grass and twigs. The light is not right for me to take a good pictures. Doves set outside our house every summer. I think they enjoy watching us as much as I enjoy watching them. The pair set on the wires and watch us in the house. I hope the nest survives and they have little ones. Starlings are setting on the same tree watching. Hope they don't over take the nest. I believe they are morning doves.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Africa Amazing.....

Africa was AMAZING. I can not believe that I can say I have been to AFRICA.. We went on a 7 day safari. I lived the lion king movie.. I seen things I thought I would never see. Every day was exciting. When I shut my eyes to go to sleep I seen the animals going by just like I was still on safari hunting for my next animal to shot ...with my camera. . I could have stayed up 24 hours of each day so that I would not miss a thing. The warm days and cool nights. The noises of the darkness. The lightning in the sky at night. Wondering what was being hunted in the darkness for a midnight meal. One morning Kenny and I got up got dressed. Had our cameras ready and our day pack ready to go. We sat on the bed and wondered is anyone else was ready for breakfast.. just to find our it was 3:30 am...

I am working on getting my pictures all in order. I have 1,000. Plus videos.

Just a couple of things were hard to take.. ... the public bathrooms... or toilets as they call them or the LONG DROP.. (funny but true .. great name)॥ ॥ ya that's right just a hole in the ground... squat and pee... no seat.. but it did flush.... no paper most of the time.. .. I usually splashed on my shoes when I went। The last leg of the flight home was miserable। It was a 20 hour trip. The last 8 hours on the plane were difficult to set still. I got car sick a couple of times. But.....the trip was Amazing. If you would like to see more about Africa's toilets visit
Africa Amazing.. I have lots more to show and tell.. hope you will check back..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Swap for all seasons... from Linda

Swap for all seasons.!!! Wow I got the cutest items from Linda... can not believe it..I came home from vacation to this thoughtful, creative swap gift. This lovely little dress which is tea stained and has patch on it that says 'live, love, laugh'. It matches every thing in my house. The hand made wooden hanger is fun too. A cross to hang on my wall. A bag of Easter Candie. Wow .. I feel bad that I was not as creative as my swap partner. My mom has been sick in the hospital and we left on vacation the day the swap was to be mailed.. It was hard to shop for someone without knowing them. I mailed her a cute doll Patten and a home made flower. I haven't heard from her.. I hope she got it.. The idea of a swap is fun..The rules were simple... Not sure I will do one again because it was HARD to pick something out with out know the partner. . I am so picky about gifts that I give.. I usually shop and shop until the right thing hits me in the face. Thank you Linda!!!!! I love it all..