Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Winter Drive to Town...

Here are some pictures I took when I went to town on a cold winter drive. The frost was sticking to every thing. It was beautiful.. The picture just can not capture how enchanting it was..

We finally replaced Kenny's old chair. The snow came before we got it disposed of. Funny thing it matches our blue house.. hehe.. i love the way my camera caught the snow falling.

I think its cool to see the color in this picture. The Amish don't believe in wearing colorful cloths. I think it is ironic that they put bright blankets on there horses. This is the buggy parking lot behind the hardware store. With all the white snow and black buggies the pink and blue horse blankets brighten up the view.

This is of our drive way with the yellow school bus. The frosty snow almost looks like fur.

Day off of school because of the cold doesn't go waisted. The Amish kids found a great place to ice skate.