Monday, November 9, 2009

Surprise party for Mom

Mom and I visited Uncle Johnnie and Aunt Vicky. They live in Ohio. It was fun going on a trip with mom we stayed for a long week end. They pulled off a great surprise for her.. It was moms 81 st birthday.. They had a cake with candles and we sang happy birthday to her. Johnie took us both on a ride in his Vet that he redone himself. I even got to drive it. We visited his 2 sons homes. After supper we played cards. I laughed till my sides hurt. Uncle Johnie had a toy farting machine under the table. Not everyone playing cards knew it was a noise maker. Those of us who knew got in on the act of Uncle Johnnies practical joke. Some times we would even pull his finger to make him fart. Every time he farted he would apologise and make a face. It went on for hours... The cards and farting.. We visited Jungle Jim's International Market.. wow .. what a place. it really was like a two hour vacation. If Jungle Jim's does not have it.. no one will. There are 22 shops in the store. Cooking classes, post office, florist shop, bakery, wine, they make there own Candy, bread, hardware, fish market, rides, garden items pharmacy, eye doctor, and food from all over the world.
It took a long time for my mom to give in and go on this little trip with me. I hope you will try to get away with your mom. I know how lucky I am to have the memories. August 2009

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