Monday, May 25, 2009


We are finally GRAND PARENTS!!! yeah... My Beautiful Grand Daughter.. what a sweet heart..
Her name is Macie May.. what a fun name..
Now for the funny story... The day Macie May came into our lives..
Macie May was over due. Poor mom.. it is miserable to be over due.. I have the best daughter in law.. she held up like a trooper.. she felt good looked good and had a wonderful attitude. She went into the hospital to be induced on Thursday.. That same day I went in to have knee surgery.. in a different hospital.. Thursday night no baby.. Labor went on and on.. no baby Friday..
.. Friday night ..My girl friend came over to set with me and take care of me.. she is a wonderful friend and we have loads of laughs together. Our husbands are busy working in the fields. Planting and harvesting times Cindy and I go to the movies a lot. Not this time we stayed home and watched videos. ('The Curious Case of Benjamin Button') That day Cindy had 2 ingrown toe nails cut out on her left foot.. As she was leaving work to go get that done she fell and broke her little toe on her right foot.. poor thing.. so we stayed home.. her with her toes.. me with my knee.. I was in a lot of pain.. worrying about how things were going with the baby.. finally at 11:15 pm.. I said "Cindy I am worried." Then I got the call that Tanner thinks I should come to the hospital.. an emergency c-section is needed. Cindy and I both had emergency c-sections. We were glad that they were not going to make her go through labor any longer. We figured she was very tired. Kenny and Cindy load me up in the car.. Cindy drove very carefully.. I hurt at every bump in the road.. but Cindy and I laughed any way.. her toes my knee..

Cindy stole a wheel chair from the emergency room.. when she went to park the car I wheeled my self into the hospital. She couldn't find me.. I was so excited I forgot she wasn't behind me.. When she found me she said she was going to push me to the mental ward.. We were laughing so hard .. as we got on the elevator everyone was laughing with us. She did take me to the maternity ward any way..

They had just taken her into surgery as we got there. After surgery the nurse came out and told us every thing went fabulously .. the mom and baby were doing great. Hospital policy says we have to wait for 1 hour after they return to the room to see them. I decided I would come back with Kenny the next day to meet our granddaughter together.. It was late .. they needed the rest .. Cindy still had to drive home after taking me back home.. I was in pain.. so we left . .. we rode down the elevator with the pediatrician who delivered Macie May. She told us she was very spunky healthy baby and every thing was great. .

It was around 1:30 when we got home. Kenny was asleep when we got home. I managed to get back into the house pretty good. Cindy was making up my bed on the couch.. I don't know what I did but... i was walking to the couch with the walker.. I lost my balance .. I began to topple over. I felt like it all happened in slow motion. I fell over back wards still holding onto the walker... holding my foot up in the air .. protecting my foot from hitting the floor. I landed hard on my butt.. holding my foot in the air and the walker strait above my chest.. I think I cracked a rib or my butt.. not sure what.. I wanted to cry but laughed .. I will never forget the look on Cindy's face. She had both hands on her face and said.."I am a terrible nurse. I can not believe I let this happen to you. How are we going to get you UP!!" Kenny heard the crash and came running in.. just out of a deep sleep.. He grabbed me right up off the floor. Poor Cindy she felt so bad.. But .. we gotta laugh.. It was like a Lucy and Ethel moment..


Angie said...

Congratulations! She is a beauty.

~~Robin said...

Congratulations! Don't worry, I've had plenty of Lucy moments, myself:)

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

LOL! I am sorry to laugh at your calamity day. What a story. Your new grand-baby is a sweetie.Your daughter in law is a trooper, whew, a long labor. I would have been hollering get it out and put me to sleep.

INken said...

:) what a good story... and finally you´re a granmom!!
we´re having so much fun over here... brittney and katie are enjoying it, too, I hope. tomorrow we´re gonna go to hamburg dungeon, I imagine it to be like a huge haunted house... I´m probably gonna pee my pants cause I´ll be way too scared... :)
I miss you so much! hope your kneee is better! and glad to hear that cindy and you are still having fun... miss you!

Debbies Doodle said...

Inken baby,,
Thank you for having fun with the girls. I am sure they will love Germany,..
miss you loads,

Scrappy Jessi said...

aaawww congrats!!!
woo hoo go granny!!!
i love the flowers in your blog banner. gorgeous!!

BittersweetPunkin said...

I got a chuckle just reading that...Lucy and Ethel for sure!!!!

Congratulations on the new Grand Baby...she is beautiful!!!!

Benjamin Button was great wasn't it...I just saw it too.


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Oh my goodness what a story!! I was laughing so hard!! I am so happy for you Grandma!! What a Beautiful Baby Girl, and I love her name! I think she will be just as much fun as her grandma :-) So sorry to laugh at your calamity....I couldn't stop myself. What a day~what a story to tell Macy May when she is older.
P.S. Lucy...please tell Ethel she did a great job in spite of it all (smiles)

Lynda said...

Oh ! What a funny story ! Hopefully you are/were not in too much pain though .... CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of your grandaughter - you must be very proud :)