Monday, April 13, 2009

Fowl... Chickens, Ducks and Turkeys..

My daughter and her boy friend have a new project. Its a FOWL job but someone has to do it.. They ordered birds and they have arrived finally. Believe it or not there are 55 some chicks in that box. They arrived in the mail. They have been eagerly waiting for weeks on there new little bunch chicks. The warming lamps are keeping them warm in the new chick coop they made in the barn.. The nesting has begun. Just out side the window where I am setting here at the computer is a pair of doves making a nest in the tree. I know they mate for life. I think the male and female are constructing the nest together. Back and forth they fly with little pieces of grass and twigs. The light is not right for me to take a good pictures. Doves set outside our house every summer. I think they enjoy watching us as much as I enjoy watching them. The pair set on the wires and watch us in the house. I hope the nest survives and they have little ones. Starlings are setting on the same tree watching. Hope they don't over take the nest. I believe they are morning doves.