Saturday, November 8, 2008

Draft Horse Fall Sale Day

I like to go to the Draft horse and tack sale. The draft horses are spectacular. Usually we go to the sale to eat supper and watch for a while. The food is typical sale food hot dogs, sloppy joes and chicken. The line was so long this time I didn't bother. Seeing draft horses in the fields or going down the road as a team is an awesome sight. Standing next to them is another thing. They are massive in size. Before my daughter got us into horses I would have just watched from the side lines at the sale barn. She has taught me so much about horses.The Belgian Draft horses are such gentle souls. I think the know they there size. I now can walk through the barn and right beside them. They have the biggest feet. Some of the horses are groomed with pretty ribbons and harnesses. They bring them to the sale looking like show horses. The teams are exciting to watch. They are brought into the sale ring and marched up and down.

The show ring looks so small when they are run through. Both sides of the show area are filled with people. There is hardly a seat to be found. Stuffed together like sardines. Mostly Amish men. The factories call sale day a holiday. Most of the Amish are going to go to the sale so they just let them off and call it a holiday. The Amish use the draft horse to do there field work. The horses are well trained to work as teams. The other day I seen a team of 6 working in the field. The children learn from a young age to drive teams. A Young Amish boy, looked to be 10 years old was driving a team of 4 pulling a double wagon loaded with large round bales today. He was standing up with the reins and look like a pro. We are told people come from all over the world to this sale. Disney has bought horses here. I over heard someone say they were buying more horses for Disney. Budweiser also has bought here for their team. I didn't get good pictures. I feel bad taking pictures there because I know the Amish do not like their pictures taken. They didn't mind me taking pictures of their horses

I got a lot of draft horse butt pictures. I went on a day when young horses were being sold.
I am not the greatest photographer. I took this as I was driving by the sale barn. I think the picture in the review mirror is nice.
The parking lot. Lines and lines of buggies.

This guy kept flirting with me. He has such a handsome face and his eye was sparkling at me. Will maybe it was the sun light.

A lot of fathers bring there little boys too. This little girl was peeking around the corner at me..
Tack. Just one of the vender's items. It was a beautiful day.