Saturday, May 16, 2009

Camping 2009 The fun and the pain

First camping trip of 2009.. It was a beautiful week end... will until it rained. Short sleeves on Saturday. We even got a little tan. The food was good.. We decided to go at the last minute. My camper was empty. I made what I could with what I had. I made spaghetti. Our friends made fun of me. "You don't make the usual camping food." When I was a girl scout we always made some kind of pasta... The spot where we went camping is in Michigan,' The Bluffs'. It is for horse camping the trails are nice. It is owned by a elderly couple. They love every tree on the six hundred acre woods. We are not sure what will happen when they are gone. They have an old telephone booth, stop signs, cute signs, fishing holes and cabins along the trails. The water tank for the horses is a blue bath tub.

Of course we took our dogs. They love to camp. On camping trips they get to eat what we eat. MMMM they say camp food. This is Scooter hunting for something in the wood pile.
This is Rhonda and Brian's German Shepard. The dogs love to run after each other. I didn't get a picture of Kip.

Kenny setting up the generator. Buckston and Chase having lunch.
It was the first time I had rode for months. Saturday was so much fun because it was warm. The ride was good. We could see along ways in the woods because the trees are not filled out yet. We scared up a few dear. The water in the stream was running fast and high.
Saturday was fun .. Sunday was disappointing.. It was cold .. I hate cold. We packed up every thing after a wonderful breakfast. Kenny was kind enough to saddle Chase for me every day. Sunday my knee hurt from riding the day before. Soooo.. when I went to mount up that morning.... i had my left foot in the stirrup. swung my right leg up over the saddle... . didn't make it .. weak knees... fat butt... I went to bounce back down on the ground with my right leg..( I don't bounce like I use to) my knee went pop.. IT WAS LOUD.. I said Kenny did you hear that .. that was my leg. With Kenny and Jed's help I finally got on. We rode for a while I was ready to go back before we even started.. I really did not want to tell Kenny that after going to all the trouble to get me going.. It stated to rain after we got on the trail.. I final
said I wanted to go back.. Luckily Kenny was ready tooo... By the next day I could hardly walk. I went to the doctor.. Had e-rays and mri... Surgery on Thursday..... I torn my meniscus on both sides, torn acl, cyst on the back of my knee, and pieces floating around. He also smoothed out the underside of my knee cap.. .. So I have not felt like doing any walking or even setting up for too long.. I hope to catch up with all my blog friend next week..


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Oh my goodness...bless your heart! I hope that you are not in pain! What a freak accident...geez......Bless you~heal quickly~!Sharon

Debbies Doodle said...

Thank you... i am on the way to healing..

Shelly said...

Deb, so sorry to hear about your knee! I am sure you will heal up in no time, nothing keeps you down you crazy lady! :) haha!

Miss you... give your grandbaby a kiss for me!