Friday, October 3, 2008

4th Annual Camping and Horse Riding Weekend

The girls all divide the meals up. By pairs we plan and provide for all. Dawn and I had breakfast. Biscuits and gravy. My favorite camping breakfast .

One of the high lights on our trail riding is in the river. We had a river race. Rhonda won.. My camera got splashed by Ronda's horse because it likes to splash everyone just like a kid playing in the water. This picture is kind of blurry. We left some great memories there!.

I am not sure who had more laughs, us laughing at each other or the horses seeing more then they had before. We were very very silly..

Dawn and are ready to go. My horses name is Chase. Dawn is riding her horse Star. The weather was just beautiful. This is on the hill behind our house. Our camp consisted of 4 horse trailers rounded up in a circle with our camp fire in the middle. Rhonda made p.j. pants for us. They are great to hang out in after a long
day of riding. (Thanks Rhonda..)

Not sure what meal this was..

This is Kathy.. She has a Great Bed and Breakfast at her house.. Themed around a cute Bunk house. Check her blog out. She has more pictures and stories about our ride.
We did good girls! We came out OK.. Just a lot of sore butts and knees.. Remember .. jump in the lake ..or river.... do something you have never done before.. live life .. have an adventure... feel the breeze .. make memories that will set you free...
Thanks to my friends for a great Camping and Riding week end.. can't wait to till next year..

Load um - up, haul - um out....
Brittney has finished her comforter made out of t-shirts, show shirts and patches she has been saving. She worked constantly until it was done. The rows between the blocks is camouflage.

Some of the block are her shirts that she wore while showing horses in 4-h. She cut out the front with the buttons and pockets.

Here is one block that she appliqued pieces that she cut out of t-shirts.

I really liked this shirt. The cow and kitty are just cute.

Most of the blocks are her t-shirts from years of special events. The back of it is burgundy the knots are black. It is king size. We will us the scraps to stuff beds for the dogs. I will post pictures of the doggy beds later.