Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sylvan Springs Tour .. Healing Spa .. RomeCity, Indiana

This is the tunnel that goes under the parking lot. Leading to an under ground spring..whooooo. It is called the sour kraut tunnel because the nuns found it perfect to store the barrels.

Who knew this treasure was so close to home.

We have all heard stories about what has gone on here throughout the years. The healing springs of fresh water has been a refuge for the ailing since the early 1800. Train stations stops were add to deal with those who came here to stay for extended stays. Nuns ran the operation. They worked the fields. Grew beautiful gardens, orchards and raised their own chickens, cattle and pigs. It contains a floral room, sewing room, up to date kitchen with huge equipment, laundry, ball room, dinning rooms and more. They were able to feed 700 people at one setting for meals. All the rooms have queen size beds and a private bath room. 50 rooms are decorated in different themes. Bunk rooms with shower rooms.

The doctor also had his own house on the grounds.

The Chapel is beautiful and massive.
Then it was sold to the WAY people. I am not even going to try to explain the WAY. It was like a commune. (sp?) The families that live here took good care of the grounds. They were required to spend 2 hours a day caring for the grounds and buildings.
It was College.
On the grounds are 2 or 3 soccer fields. It was used as a camp for sporting events.
Now someone from Ohio owns it. They have put 3 million dollars of their own money into it and can no longer keep it up. So,,,,, it is for Sale... any one interested.. If so please buy it. The history and beauty will go to waste. Also if you want a tour think fast because if is has to be broken up in sections it will never be the same. I think Martha Stewart would love this place. If you know Martha would you please pass this on to her....
If you are in the area stop and try the healing water.

Copy and past the following you tube address to get more information.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi Deb. What a wonderful place and history. I love tours like these they are so interesting. I like history. I hope someone buys it and takes good care of it.
Take care.

debsea said...

wow, what a wonderful place. all i can think of is what a great art community it would make! i wish i had the funds - it would be incredible!
hope you are having a great spring (or is it summer for you already?) i think of you and your chickens & piggies often. the baby buffall are just being born out the road here - so fuzzy.
and that little dog is from "Family Dog", a show my kids used to watch when they were little. della took a shine to him so we let her have him :)

Nezzy said...

What a truly cool place. The tunnel looked like some spooky catacomb to this Ozarks farm chick but it really looks like a wonderful retreat. I can't even imagine...if the walls could talk, oh the stories they could tell! I'm so glad I popped over.

From the sunny hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

BTW: Now I have to check out those WAY people...curiosity it gettin' the best of me.