Monday, October 27, 2008

Neighbors go Winning

Lorri, Mary and I went to Michigan for a Wine day. The drive to Berrian Springs Michigan was beautiful. The trees were changing into the most magnificent colors of fall. The reds looked like fire the oranges looked like pumpkins and the sky was beautiful blue and white clouds. In no time we felt like we had been transported to somewhere like California's Napa valley..The Land of Wine and Food. Only on a small scale. . We visited 5 wineries. The tasting was fun. We are not big wine drinkers.. .. But... we have found that we have been drinking the wrong wines for our taste. It is fun to get the education about how wine is made, when the grapes are picked and that it can be sweet and spicy. It is hard to believe that Michigan has so many wineries. It is very pretty to see the rows and rows of grape vines. I want to go see it in the spring. I found my favorite at the first stop. (Lemon Creek) This picture was take there. The bottle is the one I have griped in my hand. The young lady serving us was so fun. Right away Lorri said she never new wine could taste sweet. We decide we like sweet wines the best. Our next stop was Tabor Hill. This is where we came back to eat lunch. The menu is full of interesting dishes that we don't find at home. The Round Barn has a nice set up. They also make Vodka.. (my drink of choice) Wow it was expensive. The beer was good too. I really don't like beer. It did taste ok. I just didn't want to mix all that up in my stomach. I held my self back from buying the vodka. All three of us bought more then one bottle of wine at the Round Barn.. We really liked the Cranberry. I think we will be having that for Thanksgiving.. (I already drank one bottle with my friend Grace) woops had to share with her.. Free Run and , Domaine Berrien were nice too. You can see the storage vats at Domaine Berrien.