Thursday, October 9, 2008

Harvest Day, Dirt Roads and Busy Dogs

Dogs are very important on our farm.Work Dogs and Watch Dogs.
This is Scooter. He is Kenny's right hand man. Scooter goes every where Kenny goes. He is wonderful company and entertainment. Every day he goes to work.

This is Cally. She is a blue healer. Cally takes hand directions very well. She can herd up any animal just by her instincts. She is actually my daughters dog.. But she also goes to work with Kenny every day also. They are very funny to watch. She is only 2 years old but looks like a more mature dog. I am taking them to the other farm where they will be running beans and trucking the beans back home to put in the bins.

Kenny, Scooter and Cally looking over at the field to see how things are going. Cute how Cally has her head turned just like Kenny.

Harvesting Beans on a Sunday.. That really is taboo. This is something that we have found very hard to deal with. My husband was brought up not to work on Sunday.. To keep the day as the day of rest. As the bible says. This comes from his wise and cautious fathers and family tradition. When I came to the family I had a hard time with this. His parents would take naps on Sunday.. They milked cows on Sunday. Like every other day. Twice a day.. That was still working.. Only work that was necessary. I never new that adults took Naps. My parents worked hard all week at there jobs. Sunday was the day that they did chores at home.. Let me tell you this is one thing that I really enjoyed about learning about my in laws. I like taking naps. Yea.. But.. I hate to say that we have had to work some Sundays. My husband, son and daughter-in-law all feel guilty..... but.. now a days we can not farm without having jobs other then farming.. When the crops need to harvest or planted we have to work it in around our other jobs. My husband drives school bus. We need that job so we can get insurance through the school. He has many other jobs also. He cooks whole hogs for wedding and graduations, has and ice cream machine that he rents out, we rent out deep freezers to Amish and does custom work. I do hair and sell grave plots at the cemetery. I am a coordinator for CETUSA exchange student program. Tanner is care taker of the cemetery and sexton. My son the grave digger.. My daughter-in-law works away from home and cooks a lot of the meals for the guys when they are in the fields. She also helps out a lot..!! Kenny loves her cooking.

We have to drive dirt roads to this farm. Right next to the field is a beautiful Amish house. It is a log home with a fabulous grand front porch. While I was waiting for Kenny I watched the children play on the steps of this house. They love to watch the big tractors and combines. While I watched them they watched us. All on a Sunday after noon. The small children were dressed in coats for the cool but sun shinny day.The smallest boy must have be 4 and the youngest girl 5. He had a little dark hat that fit tight to his head and tied around his chin. The little girl had on a white head scarf. Up and down the stairs the went. The little boy could not walk down the stairs he just scooted step by step on his butt.

Soon the rest of the family came out and they loaded up in a little open wagon pulled by a cute pony. Later as I was going back home I seen passed them all walking down the road. Everyone waved at me. and waved and waved and waved.

In front of a friend house is this fun fall decorations.

Harvest Days, Dirt Roads and Busy Dogs. Next Sunday maybe we will take naps.


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